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Advances For The Foundation Of The Technical Anchors Museum At The Nautical School Of Bilbao


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F. Cayuela & J. A. Moreno


The anchor is, perhaps, the most representative element in navigation and ship construction. It is frequently used in logos of the naval industry and naval institutions, and it is also selected to represent the marine aspect of other industries (textile, food, etc.). Besides, most of the Maritime Museums of the world have big Admiralty anchors at the main entrance. Although the most represented type of anchor is the Admiralty, this element has had a continuous evolution throughout time. From the first stone anchor to the last big anchors used in off-shore industry, there is a wide typology of anchors, many of them being still used nowadays. Both the symbolism of the anchors as well as the variety of shapes and types of this element make the foundation of a thematic museum interesting, dedicated to anchoring in vessels. The purpose of this museum is twofold: - To approach the maritime heritage and culture to the Society, through one of its most representative elements - To reinforce the role of the University as conservator of the Maritime Heritage. The content of this paper is aimed at presenting the project and initial phases for the creation of this museum, which will be located at the Nautical School of the Basque Country University, in Bilbao. Keywords: anchor, Technical Museum, anchor gear, windlass.


anchor, Technical Museum, anchor gear, windlass.