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A Survey On The Features Of The Existing Motorized Wooden Dhows And The Proposed Replacement For These Vessels


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M. Sayehbani & H. Zeraatgar


There has been lengthy discussion at national level for many years in connection with a replacement for the motorized dhow called \“lanj” by another type of vessel. In order to formulate an answer to the question of whether to preserve the said dhows with the existing conditions, or to replace them, a comprehensive feasibility study will need to be carried out in which all the determining parameters in the present dhows and their replacement are fully considered from all aspects. For the realization of this replacement the authors have carried out a survey from economic, social, and technical aspects of dhow building in the Hormozgan region, and this paper is the summary of the preliminary feasibility study in regard to the potentials and prospects in this marine industry. In the first section, the gathered statistical data for the existing motorized dhows, their types, maintenance, repair work shop, and the information in connection with the useful working life plus the finished costs of the wooden vessels and national regulations regarding insurance and bank facilities have been explained. In addition to that the cultural, economical, and social conditions of lanj keepers and boatmen have also been reviewed. The technical specification of the lanj (powered wooden dhow) including dimensions, weight, form of the hull, deck, and engine room layouts plus hydrostatic and hydrodynamic features as well as shaft, propeller and all other equipment have been examined. In the third section the features of the proposed substitute vessel have been presented. Keywords: wooden dhow, dhow build, dhow replacing vessel, dhow design, motorized dhow. 1 General overview Dhows are the traditional vessels of the Persian Gulf, and Oman Sea, made mostly of teak wood (Saj), which is used for planking, keel, stem, stern, and


wooden dhow, dhow build, dhow replacing vessel, dhow design, motorized dhow.