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Complex Aspects Of Transport Quality


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R. Raicu & S. Raicu


Quality is the most synthetic, essential, and comprehensive attribute for the performance of a transport system. For transport there are various descriptions of the quality derived from service quality. Based on customers’ demand for satisfaction, these descriptions emphasize aspects outside the transport system framework; they regard the connections of the transport system with the natural and socio-economic environment. The systemic presentation of the transport quality is based on the dynamic \“demand-supply” equilibrium under the multiple constraints imposed to the transport system by the socio-economic environment. This paper outlines the fact that the particularities of the service quality as opposed to the quality of the products can be the cause of more substantial differences between the quality of presentation for service and products. The methodology and terminology involved in the examination of the quality of passenger transport is in accordance with the European norms in the field. Similar to these we differentiate between the four connotations of the quality of a passenger public transport service: those that give a measure of the customers’ and community satisfaction – the quality of the expected service, and the quality of the perceived service; and the other two which give a measure of the level of performance of the service providers - the quality of the planned transport service, and the quality of the service provided in effect. The scope of this research is broader than this framework; a more detailed examination of the four aspects of quality mentioned above is performed. The causes generating gaps between the different perceptions of quality are also analysed. The outcomes of this research represent a useful tool for the development of quality management initiatives in the passenger transport sector. Keywords: transport quality, service quality, shell quality, core quality, total quality management system.


transport quality, service quality, shell quality, core quality, total quality management system.