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Monitoring Of Marina Construction, Gulf Of Suez, Egypt


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K A Rakha & A G Abul-Azm


Monitoring of marina construction, Gulf of Suez, Egypt K. A. Rakha and A. G. Abul-Am Irrigation and Hydraulics Dept., Faculty of Eng., Cairo University, Egypt. Abstract The wave conditions inside a marina are an important factor to be considered when planning and designing a marina. This paper provides a study for a marina in the Gulf of Suez where the design layout was not properly executed, resulting in high wave conditions during southerly storms. The REF/DIF model is used to study the wave conditions inside the marina for the actual and the design layouts. Finally, two alternatives for alleviating the existing conditions are suggested. 1 Introduction Many marinas are being constructed along the Red Sea coasts of Egypt. These marinas will accommodate pleasure boats and should be properly designed to protect these boats during high wave conditions. This paper presents a case study for a marina (Dome marina) constructed along the Gulf of Suez in Egypt (Figure 1). In 1996 and 1997 wave modelling was performed to plan and design the Dome marina. After the construction and operation of the marina in 1999, high wave conditions were observed inside the marina during a southerly storm. A recent survey for the actual marina constructed showed that the entrance of the marina was not constructed as proposed in the design (Figure 2). The marina entrance was wider than that proposed in the original design. Furthermore, the main breakwater was found to be shorter than the length proposed in the design.