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A W Veenstra


This paper reports some first results on an ongoing project aiming at the development of modern education tools in a Rotterdam based cooperation of schools in the area of transport and logistics. The results comprise a basic definition of such a game and the applicability in the different levels of the school. Introduction Rotterdam is historically the maritime centre of the Netherlands. While many see the main reason for this the existence of the largest port of the world, in fact the trade, industry and distribution activity that is related to this port is the key factor. Nevertheless, around these activities, a strong maritime infrastructure has been developed consisting of shipping and shipping related technical expertise, maritime and transport education, and enterprises engaged in the physical shipping and transport activities. Within this context, recently, a cooperation agreement was reached with a number of schools and one university that all teach on topics in transport and logistics. This cooperation was labeled Rotterdam Transport Schools (RTS). The aim of this cooperation is to integrate and streamline educational programmes for the entire logistics chain. For this purpose, RTS contains educational programmes for professional, higher and academic education. Among its activities, RTS has the improvement of the vertical and horizontal flow of students, the improved storage of knowledge and expertise and the development of educational tools that can be used at all levels of the educational pyramide.