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Impounding Gates For Marina And Harbour Navigation Use


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K Grubb


There are a range of design options available when choosing to impound water in a harbour. The choke of gate type will depend on a wide range of considerations. This paper attempts to briefly review the various issues to be considered and gate options available. 1. Introduction With the increase in leisure activities in recent times, there has been much investment in Marinas, whether within existing harbours or as stand alone facilities. The purpose of this paper is to review the various gate designs often employed for marinas and leisure related harbours. Also, to cover some of the factors that influences their application. Common criteria for such gates are that they seal in one (closed) position and are navigable when open. Considerations as to the type of gate to employ will depend on a number of performance criteria including The tidal range The speed of operation required The consequences of failure A requirement to navigate at varying tide levels 2. Design basis The design basis for impounding gates for harbour and marina navigation is an intriguing one. At one level they have been employed for hundreds of years and everyone is familiar with their use. At another level, British Standards or Codes of Practice poorly cover these installations and many areas are in effect a ‘black art’.