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Spreadsheet Modeling Of Optimum Maintenance Strategy For Marine Machinery In Wear-out Phase Subject To Distance Between Ports As One Of The Maintenance Constraints


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K B Artana & K Ishida


Spreadsheet modeling of optimum maintenance strategy for marine machinery in wear-out phase subject to distance between ports as one of the maintenance constraints K. B. Artana1, K. Ishida2 1Graduate student, Kobe University of Mercantile Marine, Japan 2Department of Electro Mechanical and Energy Engineering, Kobe University of Mercantile Marine, Japan Abstract This paper addresses a method in determining the optimum maintenance schedule for components in wear-out phase. The optimum interval between maintenance for a certain component is optimized based upon the minimum total cost (the objective function) resulted by decision on either that component needs to be replaced by a new one or only requires a preventive maintenance action. That decision is determined by verifying the reliability and availability index of that component at each maintenance time. Premium Solver Platform (PSP) is utilized to model the optimization problem. The model takes a fmite and equal interval between maintenance, and the increase of operation cost and maintenance cost due to deterioration of components is taken into account. An analysis on a liquid ring primer (LRP) of a bilge system of a ship is taken as the study case. The optimum preventive maintenance schedule is directed to bring into agreement with the decision that has been taken on the ship's general survey schedule. 1 Introduction The emergence on practical method to set an optimum marine machinery maintenance program is becoming crucial with the trend of many small shipping companies buying second hand ships, doing minimum modification to comply