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The Development Of A Breakwater Design At Caleta La Mision Port, Argentina


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L A Mohammad & O J Jensen


The new generation of Concrete Armouring Units, CORE-LOCTM, as a single layer armour has been in use for less than a decade with only a handful of breakwaters built. CORE-LOCs have been subjected by researchers and designers to stability tests. There are however still many possibilities for the use of CORE-LOCs in design to be covered and verified by physical modelling. This work deals with design of the Caleta La Mision Breakwater, Argentina, and presents the conclusions from the design process supported by extensive physical model testing in both wave flume and basin for verification and optimisation. CORE-LOC units have been employed in armouring the breakwater in many different arrangements and combinations. The breakwater is very exposed with a design wave of, Hs = 7.5 m, situated on a reef at level 0.0 m and slightly above. The site has about 9.0 m tidal range, so the breakwater toe is dry at low tide. The paper deals with the design of the front face, special toe hold blocks, overtopping and rear side stability as well as special roundhead features. On the reclamation behind the structure special trench for drainage of overtopping water was introduced as special structural element. 1 Introduction Port Caleta La Mision, Rio Grande, is a new port development project in the Province of Tierra del Fuego. The plan is to construct new marine infrastructure on the east coast of Tierra del Fuego, to meet the future cargo transport needs as well as for supporting industrial development in the province having offshore natural gas resources.