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The Influence Of Automobiles Motion Unevenness On Harmful Substances Emission


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N.N. Karnaukhov, L.G. Reznik & A.W. Manyashin


It is well known that vehicles are one of the main sources of environmental pollution. This negative influence is especially great in towns, which is connected with the motion unevenness of automobiles. However, the influence of motion unevenness on harmful substances emission with vehicles exhaust gases has not been sufficiently studied yet. It makes it difficult to work out scientifically based ways to reduce air pollution in towns. In this connection the theoretical and experimental investigations were carried out in Tyumen State Oil and Gas University. The main conclusion is as follows. ? The influence of motion unevenness on harmful substances emission is different for the vehicles of different makes and models, ? This difference is highly substantial and is stipulated by different level of vehicles adaptability to this motion mode, ? Different level of adaptability to motion unevenness must be considered when evaluating vehicles ecological safety in towns. Harmful substances emission is directly connected with fuel consumption during vehicles operation. In this connection the goal of the research is the evaluation of vehicles adaptability to urban motion mode by fuel consumption and directly related to it the negative influence on the atmosphere. In order to reach the set up goal it was necessary to solve some tasks, determined by the analysis of the previous researches in this field.