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The Perception Of Network Congestion By Using Parking Fees


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M. Migliore


A lot of work has been produced in order to internalise the external effects of road transport in the user perceived cost by using traffic fares. In the traffic engineering practice only a few links can be charged by a toll system. The principal aim of this work has been the calculation of parking fees able to take into account the congestion cost generated by road users in the network and in the parking areas. The simulation of the transport system has not considered crossover traffic and it has supposed the presence of a public transport system, which could meet a higher level of demand. It has been proved that the calculated parking fees are a local maximum of the non-convex function estimating the social surplus generated by parking fees. The existence of the solution of the fixed-point problem has been proved by the Brewer theorem and an algorithm to solve it has been proposed. The demand elasticity for modal split has been taken into account. A simulation of the method has been carried out in a part of the real network of Palermo (the principal town of Sicily). A comparison between the proposed method and an optimisation algorithm able to search a local maximum of social surplus function, taking into account the equilibrium between transport demand and supply, has been carried out.