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The Pricing Measures To Manage Urban Traffic: A Preliminary Survey In A Medium-sized Town


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C. Pronello & F. Iannelli


The objective of the research is aimed at understanding which is the effect on peoples habits of TCMs as pricing measures. In particular it is important to know how the people change their behaviour in function of the cost of accessibility to some defined areas. To catch this goal, an overview of the experiences carried out in the world concerning road pricing is presented and a deep analysis of them is given to understand their effectiveness in terms of reduction of traffic. Subsequently, a survey a medium-size Italian town was carried out, focused to understand the willingness of people to pay to enter into urban areas subjected to pricing. The results have emphasised that the people are sensible to the problems that traffic causes to the environment, but their sensibility is totally given up by their behaviour: 59% are not disposed to pay anything to use the roads. The most significant variables influencing the willingness to pay of the people are the home location the necessity and the number of times to go to the centre. Who lives in the very central zone is well-disposed to pay until 2 f (about 1.8 USD), The results of the survey seem to confirm the behaviour of the people that is experimenting the road pricing in some cities of the world.