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Calculation Of Costs For Seismic Rehabilitation Of Historical Buildings


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M. Bostenaru Dan


: The years 1918-1940 in Bucharest saw the construction of the buildings which gave the central part its present day look. Research about inter-bellum Bucharest and its buildings is widespread and information about them is both available and reliable. Disaster prevention includes the reduction of seismic risk through retrofitting existing buildings in order to meet seismic safety requirements. The planning of alterations to existing buildings differs from new planning through an important condition: the existing construction must be taken as the basis for all planning and building actions. This paper presents the differences in the methods of approaching and calculating the costs for the rehabilitation of old buildings when seismic retrofit becomes a special issue. 1 Introduction Prevention of disasters caused by earthquake has become more and more important in recent years. The target of economic efficiency of retrofit measures on existing buildings has a special importance, besides their structural, functional and aesthetic aspects. The mounting of retrofitting systems is, regarding the estimation and calculation of costs, a special form of rehabilitation of endangered buildings. Planning of further measures is based on information about the building and its location. While in some western countries there are elaborated methods for estimating costs, in the countries like Romania, this is not the case. Earthquake Resistant Engineering Structures III, C.A. Brebbia & A. Corz (Editors) © 2001 WIT Press, www.witpress.com, ISBN 1-85312-874-0