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Earthquake Resistant Engineering Structures III

Earthquake Resistant Engineering Structures III

Edited By: C.A. Brebbia, Wessex Institute of Technology, United Kingdom and A. Corz, University of Malaga, Spain


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Advances in Earthquake Engineering

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WIT Transactions on The Built Environment

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Based on the proceedings of the Third International Conference on Earthquake Resistant Structures (ERES), this book presents basic and applied research in the main fields of engineering relevant to earthquake resistant analysis and design of structural systems.

The challenge of protecting the built environment in the earthquake-prone regions of the world can be divided into two: the optimal design and construction of new facilities and the upgrading and rehabilitation of existing structures. While the former is within the realm of modern technology, the latter remains a daunting and expensive task that can be accomplished only gradually. The inestimable loss of life and the colossal costs incurred following a major earthquake, however, provide sufficient incentive for the scientific and technical communities to expend considerable time and effort on this challenge.

The papers presented in this volume provide a comprehensive review of state-of-the-art developments in these important topics and will be of interest to all specialists working in these areas. Over 70 contributions are included and these cover: Earthquake Resistant Analysis and Design; Seismic Risk Reduction; Building Structures; Reinforced Concrete Structures; Retrofitting and Repairs; Soil Dynamics; Underground and Lifeline Structures; Bridges; and Special Structures.

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