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Contact Analysis And Surface Optimization Of Crowning Gear Coupling


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J. Wei, Y. Yao, K. Zhang


In order to ensure that coupling works smoothly, securely and effectively in conditions of required misalignment, the gear geometry is designed carefully and the contact performances of the crowned gear coupling is improved.

The clearances between teeth were calculated through the geometry method and the position of minimum clearance is recognized as the contacted point. The clearance result at a certain misalignment angle has been confirmed by Finite Element Analysis. It is clear that the position of contact point is influenced by the misalignment and the crowning radius of hub teeth.

Taking the teeth bending deformation into account under load, the distribution law of teeth surface force can be worked out according to the clearance and the stiffness of each tooth can be estimated through a taper cantilever beam model. The result shows that the maximum of teeth load increases with the misalignment and the crowning radius.

The study optimizes the parameters of three sections arc surface for the hub teeth according to the mechanical analysis of coupling, in order to reduce the contact stress on teeth and meet the requirements of the working misalignment. The radius of the flank curve should be shorter than that of the middle arc, so that the requirements of smooth contact were met in cases of a large misalignment angle and large contact curvature was avoided in normal conditions.


crowning gear coupling, misalignment angle, clearance between meshing teeth