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Analytical Calculation Model For Determining The Cycle Time In Injection Molding Parts Applied To Design Optimization Algorithms


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J. M. Mercado Colmenero, M. A. Almazan Lazaro, C. Martin Doñate, M. A. Rubio Paramio, A. Vizan Idoipe, J. M. Perez Garcia, J. Marquez Sevillano, D. Aguilera Puerto


Determining the cycle time required to perform plastic parts has an important impact and relevance along the process of mold design, as well as in the cost per part. A great number of mold dimensioning algorithms and cost estimation methods use the cycle time as a main design parameter. This paper presents the results of an analytical study aimed to determine the most representative variables of the problem and how they influence in the magnitude of the cycle time. The model has been validated comparing the numerical results with the solution provided by the software Autodesk Simulation MoldFlow Advisor in several case studies. On the other hand, analytical and numerical results have been compared with dates provided by an industrial model, showing as a result a significant improvement of the accuracy of calculations. This method is intended as a complement to the use of optimization applications that require the use of a non-numerical, analytical and low computational time calculation model for determining this parameter.


cycle time, injection molding, mold design, optimization algorithm