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Safety Requirements-oriented Interfaces Environment Scheme For Safety-critical System


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Y. Li, J. Guo, Y. Yang, G. Xie, Y. Su


With the increasing complexity of safety-critical system and component-based development approach is widely used, focusing on the problem that the system safety is affected directly by the interfaces failure of its modules, the disadvantages of current safety scheme are analyzed, and an interfaces scheme is presented to ensure safety on system level. First, according to the interactions between safety-critical system and environment, an environment interfaces failure scenario is defined, then its effects to safety-critical system are analyzed. Second, to ensure the system safety requirements, composing the module and its environment, a safety requirements-oriented interfaces environment scheme is presented, which aims to avoid the interfaces faults that could cause a system failure and provide maintenance information when system violates safety requirements. Third, an identification algorithm to generate the safety requirements-oriented interfaces environment is presented based on model checking technology. Finally, taking the urban rail transit computer based interlocking system as an example, the safety requirements-oriented interfaces environment of a signal module is analyzed with the algorithm implemented by SCADE. The result is completely consistent with the field practical experience, which shows the feasibility and effectiveness of this scheme.


safety-critical system, safety requirements, environment interfaces failure, safety requirements-oriented interfaces environment, computer based interlocking