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Realization Of Smart Train Crew Management With ICT


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Y. Sakaue, H. Saiko, Y. Osawa, T. Maniwa, Y. Yamaguchi, S. Arisue


About 12,000 train crews (drivers and conductors) are engaged in the train operations of East Japan Railway Company (JRE). Everyday roll call operation (attendance/leaving management for train crews) is one of the indispensable duties to enhance safe and reliable transportation services.

Paper roll call lists were used for roll call operations until last spring. Managers had to print out the roll call lists and write down information for the crews by the day before each roll call. When managers take roll calls using lots of paper roll call lists, there are some risks with checking their watches, writing real approval times and examiner names. Because there are about 300 train crews in large crew depots, it has been difficult for new managers to remember all the names of train crews. Some managers set alarm clocks to prevent crews from being late. Owing to these situations, managers couldn’t concentrate on their main duties which are making decisions and instructing crews.

To solve these problems, we developed a new function called “Train Crew Working Management” using 21.5-inch slate PCs in July 2015. Those show all the information needed for each roll call operation and identify train crews and managers by ID cards using Near Field Communication (NFC). When train crews are late, the system beeps so that managers can notice. Mistakes have been reduced by this new function. Moreover, managers have been able to concentrate on their main duties. We believe that crew depots’ business will become more efficient and smart by expanding this function.


train crew management, roll call, ICT, Near Field Communication (NFC)