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An Improved Method For Dynamic Modelling Of A Slab Track On A High-speed Railway


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H. Shi, Z. Yu, H. Shi


Cement emulsified asphalt mortar (CA mortar) deterioration will accelerate the structural damage of a track and even have adverse effects on traffic safety if serious enough. In the traditional ballastless track dynamic equation, CA mortar is simplified as spring and damping are continuously distributed along the track plate which cannot simulate the influences of CA mortar deterioration with an arbitrary length on the dynamic characteristics of a track. An improved method was proposed to establish a vehicle-ballastless track-subgrade coupled system vertical improved model based on Matlab. CA mortar was discretized by taking the distance in which one vehicle travels in a simulation step as a unit. Each unit was simplified as spring and a damping concentrated on one point that transferred the distribution force of CA mortar to track a plate in vibration differential equation to concentrated force. The proposed model was compared with the traditional Zhai-Sun’s model and the effect of CA mortar deterioration on vibration responses of the slab track was studied. The results show that the vibration responses of vehicle and track in the proposed model have basically concurred with the classical model, and it is effective. Compared to the normal condition, the rail and track plate displacement obviously increase during the action of CA mortar deterioration. The analyses of influences of CA mortar deterioration on dynamic properties of ballastless track have great application potentiality for further detection of CA mortar deterioration.


ballastless track, CA mortar deterioration, vibration responses, discretization