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Validation Tool Of Functional Safety For Train Control Secure Software


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J.-G. Hwang, H.-J. Jo


A train control system is a vital piece of control equipment which is responsible for the operation of trains, and its functional safety must be validated before real field application. Most of the existing studies on functional safety testing for the train control system secure software have focused on verifying the functional safety through the monitoring of the internal memory embedded system. However, the train control system is one of the typical embedded control systems in the railway sector, and the embedded secure software has a characteristic of generating appropriate outputs through the combination of internal processing in consideration of the current internal status and external input. Therefore, the test approach of using the interface communication channel can be an effective way for the functional testing for railway signalling system software in consideration of these characteristics. Since a communication interface specification of the train control system has the properties of the sequence input and output signals, a test-case for software testing is the most effective methodology by MSC language, one of the graphic languages. The MSC-based testing tool for functional safety of train control system secure software was developed and its applicability to the prototype of a train control system under development was confirmed.


secure software, train control system, software testing