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The Changes Of Sustainable Primary School Buildings


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S. Gölemen, N. Taş, M. Taş


Recently, there has been a sustainability movement in both currently built and existing structures in many cities around the world. One of these structures is the school buildings where new generations are educated. In Turkey, there are quality problems in built school buildings in terms of sustainable architecture principles for the residents and the environment. In addition, environmental, economic and social losses occur unless sustainable precautions are taken in such buildings. It is proposed that, as a model for the sustainability movement, every primary school in cities be designed within these principles so that new generations can grow up and receive education in a sustainable environment and their parents can become aware of this issue. This study particularly examines the existing primary school buildings that were built with a typical project principle. In order to raise the living standards of children and also for environmental sustainability, the existing conditions of the school buildings should be improved and transformed in a sustainable way. In this context, the study is restricted to two scopes: existing primary schools in Turkey and sustainability in existing buildings. As a method, a primary school which was built with a typical project in a developing district was evaluated within the framework of sustainability principles. In addition, improvement and recovery through sustainability integration as a concept were proposed. Application of this approach can be regarded as an important step in terms of sustainable transformation in cities starting from local district schools to other local residential buildings and other buildings as well. It is believed that this approach holds an important role in creating sustainability awareness and integration in a national and global aspect.


sustainability, sustainable integration, adapted reuse, existing primary schools, Turkey, Bursa