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A Material Database For The Computational Assessment Of The Degradation Of Historical Masonry


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L. Fiala, J. Maděra, E. Vejmelková, R. Černý


Numerical simulation of heat, moisture, salt and momentum transport is often applied for the investigation of building materials, nowadays. However, the results would not be satisfactory without credible and precise input data for the computations. Therefore, the results of laboratory experiments have to be stored and shared. In this paper, we focus on the material parameters of historical masonry in the manner of a system for their storing and utilization. To provide the data in a sufficient and safe way, make it accessible across the computer platforms and realize a connection between the experimental measurements, its circumstances and performers, a web-based database system is designed. It provides a solution to several issues: data backup and sharing, ensuring uniformity and serviceability on separate yet easy accessible storage. The database offers the descriptions, prescriptions, references and values of parameters of materials arranged in several categories. The online PHP application is based on the MVP concept with RMD-type MySQL database equipped by data conversion and interpretation tools. The contents of current version were measured and consolidated on the Department of Materials Engineering and Chemistry, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague. Several characteristic examples of the practical application of the database are presented, demonstrating its capability to act as an effective tool for the computational assessment of degradation of historical masonry


storage of experimental data, MVP architecture, RMD, SQL