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Quantum Technology In Critical Infrastructure Protection


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M. Karol, M. ┼╗yczkowski


Finding effective ways of critical infrastructure object protection requires more recent and more sophisticated security systems. Particularly important security aspects are information protection and perimeter security. Development of a new quantum technology, both in quantum computing and quantum cryptography, gives the necessary technology needed to build single photon optic fiber systems. The authors would like to present concepts of using single photon interferometers to protect infrastructure facilities which, in particular, take into account optical fiber transmission lines. The conducted analysis of what is available on market systems and the expected single photon sensor’s properties in terms of security and information show a drop in detection. We also compared the degree of systems’ complexities in terms of system security and difficulties associated with devices’ construction and installation in transmission lines.

The paper presents the main principles of single-photon interference, the operation and construction of single photon systems in the detection and generation of single photons for the purpose of commercial systems. The concept will be described as perimeter protection and the protection of a transmission line by a single photon sensor. The authors discuss the proposed construction and operation of the proposed fiber optic single photon interferometer as a protection sensor. They also try to bring the possibility of using the sensor in areas other than the protection of transmission lines and compare the predicted properties of single photon sensor currently implemented solutions in the field of fiber optic sensors for perimeter protection.


single photon, QKD, security, critical infrastructure