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Emergency Preparedness For Accidental Chemical Spills From Tankers In Istanbul Strait


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M. Korçak, C. E. Balas, R. E. Kurt, O. Turan


Istanbul Strait is one of the most important and dangerous maritime passages in the world. In this study, the hazards for possible accidents of the tankers carrying various chemicals through the Istanbul Strait were investigated and a significant risk was identified due to the intensive transportation of the chemicals. The purpose of this work is to define some risk control options in order to establish an efficient management system which can minimize the probability of accidents and hazardous effects of possible chemical spills to human life and the environment. The risk is assessed by using the Formal Safety Assessment Methodology of the International Maritime Organization. Following this methodology, hazards of accidents were identified through a questionnaire which is applied to a group of experts focussed on a passage of Istanbul Strait. In addition to this, a frequency analysis of the accidents was carried out on the defined sections along the strait using the accident database in order to determine the geographical distribution of the type and cause of the accidents. On the other hand, the maritime traffic of the Istanbul Strait was simulated using computer based software in order to investigate the effects of the local traffic on the passage. As a conclusion of the simulation the hot spots were defined as the potential locations for collisions. Also, the consequences of such probable accidents were evaluated by using different dispersion modelling software for the spilled chemicals. As a result, a comprehensive management system for preparedness and response to chemical spills in the Istanbul Strait was proposed by taking into account the current management system and response equipment. Furthermore, a detailed economic analysis of the proposed system was also performed.


Istanbul Strait, maritime accident, tanker, risk assessment, collision, chemical spill, oil spill, emergency, response, preparedness, simulation