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A Study On The Construction Of A Disaster Situation Management System In Korea Based On Government 3.0 Directive


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Y. J. Park, I. K. Jeong, J. W. Seo, J. Y. Kim


Korea has gradually increased the importance of effective disaster management while experiencing a large scale disaster accident. Existing constructed disaster management systems in Korea have operated their own system for each institution and for the difficulty in figuring out various disaster information at a glance so that it is limited to the management of a rapid disaster situation. Korea has presented the new paradigm of disaster management 3.0 based on open, sharing, communication, collaboration to suit the flow government 3.0 throughout information cooperation, related organization and communication with the public. As a result, it has developed a smart big board (SBB) which is a new disaster management system grasping the real time disaster situation by integrating the scattered information. This system can grasp a real time disaster situation based on a map to display the scattered information such as sensor, satellite, GIS and SNS data. This study introduces a smart big board and shows how the utilization of a smart big board through a field-based and expert analysis of disaster type, customizable functionality. Smart big board can make decisions in a real time disaster situation and quickly handle it by disseminating and analysing information in real time.


smart big board, disaster management system, government 3.0, real time