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Systematic Improvement Of Customer Satisfaction For Passengers With Special Mobility Needs


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L. Schnieder, A.-M. Ademeit, M. Barrilero, N. Schlueter, J.-P. Nicklas, P. Winzer, B. Starzynska, A. Kujawińska, J. Diakun


Public transport operators have to focus on a public transport system, which is inclusive and fair to all groups of society. This requires a new holistic approach reflecting the user and the service provider perspectives. The overall objective is an unrestricted use of a fully integrated cross modal public transportation along the complete mobility chain. Unrestricted use of the public transport system can be facilitated with travel assistance applications for smartphones. In addition to this, every mobility-chain needs to be accompanied by an information chain. The information provided needs to be up to date, relevant to the specific context of the user, correct and understandable. This paper presents the innovative concept of the transnational project “accessible and inclusive mobility for all with individual travel assistance” (aim4it). The project aims towards a holistic travel companion design, which provides value-added services for passenger with special mobility needs. The assistance functions are accompanied by suitable evaluation algorithms for customer feedback. An innovative systematic evaluation of customer feedback allows for continuous improvement activities of the public transport operators. Results of the project will be practically demonstrated in close cooperation with the local public transport operators in the cities of Vienna (Austria) and Karlsruhe (Germany).


continuous improvement, service quality, travel assistance