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Research Into Reducing Inland Water Damage Inside Large-scale Storage Pipe Basins


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M. Onishi


The large-scale water storage pipes taken as the subject of this study have basins of at least 4,000 ha and are connected to numerous main sewers/pump stations. Therefore, operation of the storage pipes to make maximum use of the storage effect is a complex challenge. This research aimed to conduct a study for efficient operation of each pump station and effective use of main lines in regard to various rainfalls in a large-scale storage pipe basin. We confirmed that it would be possible to shut down pump stations during construction, if the pump station needs to be reconstructed, by connecting multiple pump stations with a network of the large-storage pipe across a drainage area. The simulation results also verified that this design method is effective for the maximum recorded rainfall, which exceeds the target design rainfall. This is considered to be because actual rain does not uniformly fall over a basin (rainfall tends to be unevenly distributed), and so a network effect between pump stations is displayed in which low-operating pump stations are compensated for by other pump stations. The methods for effective use resulting from this research are considered to be widely applicable, and we intend to confirm these results in other basins in the future. Keywords: network of large-scale water storage pipes, large-scale stormwater.


network of large-scale water storage pipes, large-scale stormwater.