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Joint Research On A Real-time Information Network Using X Band MP Radar For Advanced Storm-water Management


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R. Matsuoka, H. Couchiwa & M. Onishi


A regional heavy rainfall event, known as ‘a Guerilla storm’, causes severe damage to the limited area and frequently occurs these days. X band MP radar is capable of observing weather conditions with higher resolution and frequency compared with C band radar, so that it can observe the motion of regional rainfall in detail with high precision. A real-time information network (RTN) is a system that collects and provides information on rainfall, water levels/flow rates, storm-water pump operation, etc. in real time. The introduction of a RTN is thought to facilitate understanding of current conditions through the visualization of water levels/flow rates in main lines, and also enables the efficient use of existing facilities to be planned, such as the optimization of pump operation. This research aimed to verify the accuracy of RTN using X band MP radar information. In this research, rainfall predictions were conducted for up to 60 minutes in advance by a movement prediction method using rainfall data observed and transmitted by an X band MP radar network. As a result, the accuracy of the prediction by the RTN using X band MP radar is verified at a certain level of accuracy, and it is considered to be practical if the prediction time is 30 minutes or so. Keywords: flood control, real time, information network.


flood control, real time, information network.