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Cost-effectiveness Of Protection Measures To Mitigate Terrorist Attacks On Bridges And Tunnels


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C. A. Andersen, K. C. Jørgensen & E. K. Lauritzen


The SeRoN project, which is a part of the 7th EC Framework Programme, is now nearing completion. The focus of the SeRoN project is on security issues related to the European road transport network. The primary objective of the project is to investigate the impacts of possible terrorist attacks on the transport network. Resulting regional and supra-regional impacts on transport links and their economic implications are of particular concern. During the project, a risk assessment methodology to assess the cost-effectiveness of protective measures has been developed and the methodology has been applied to four infrastructure objects: A multi-span concrete box girder bridge, a three-span cable stayed bridge, a cut and cover tunnel and a NATM tunnel. For each infrastructure object, 2–4 scenarios have been chosen. Example scenarios include the detonation of 250 kg TNT in a vehicle in the middle of a tunnel, the cutting of cable stays using cutting charges or the spontaneous release of 300 l/s of flammable liquid in a tunnel. Protection measures have been conceptually designed for each scenario and a cost-benefit analysis has been carried out to determine the cost-effectiveness of each measure. The methodology can also be used to select potentially critical infrastructure objects. The methodology is furthermore generic in nature, as all types of infrastructure objects, threats and protective measures can be investigated. The method is currently being validated by investigating a further four infrastructure objects. The preliminary results show that very few protection measures are cost effective. The protection measures that might be cost-effective are generally very inexpensive and address the main risk contributors. Keywords: terrorism, road network, bridges, tunnels, risk assessment, protective measures, cost-effectiveness.


terrorism, road network, bridges, tunnels, risk assessment, protective measures, cost-effectiveness