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Smart Aspects For Safeguarding Heritage


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M. Y. Tewfik & R. H. Mohamed


In the past era, the aspects of integrating a new building with a heritage one appeared to be concerning the lateral appearance or features of the heritage context while, after the call of sustainable development, the aspects of designing a building varies to suit the sustainability. So conservation, which mainly is to remind us of where we come from, doesn’t match with the morphology only as we cannot live in museums. Smart sustainable preservation is about evolving our existing building stock, instead of razing and building new. At the same time, the intelligence of the materials and the aspect of intelligent building seems to accomplish the need of sustainability as intelligence actually is mental and sensitively deals with the matter which promotes motion and actions to solve many issues concerning it, but within these aspects there is not a clear criterion to deal with heritage spaces in a smart manner without losing style and taste. On the other hand, full respect is not given for the future response of the urban design of such heritage sites which could be treated in such a smart manner. So the liability issue concerns the search for the main conventional applications which could be followed to support the presence of new buildings placed in heritage places but defiantly in a smart manner supposing that using techniques and tools being developed today to make complete high performance products is one of the main hypotheses that could be followed and the second is the multi functioning of any element of the space. The followed methodology is the measurable one as measuring the main approaches applied in the smart or the intelligent aspects to deduce the main aspects must be used to inform the integration between the new building and the heritage urban context. Keywords: smart aspects, heritage context, sustainability, efficiency, clever system, performance.


Keywords: smart aspects, heritage context, sustainability, efficiency, clever system, performance.