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Non Destructive Investigation For Historic Documentation And Construction Qualification Of Monumental Buildings: The Case Of S. Gregory Church In Bari, South Italy


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M. De Fino, F. Fatiguso, A. Scioti & G. De Tommasi


Although non destructive techniques are mainly used in the restoration of monumental buildings in order to assess the state of conservation and address suitable conservation measures without interfering with the structural integrity, they can be also useful for the identification of the historical and constructional evolution, whereas sources from libraries and archives and/or technical records are limited. The present contribution is going to discuss the application of an integrated system of non destructive techniques on S. Gregory Church in Bari, South Italy. The church, dating back to the XI century AC and located within the medieval fortified city walls, calls attention to some relevant aspects, particularly with reference to pre-existing structures, constructional transformations and previous restoration works. Specifically, based on historical research, mapping of materials/construction techniques and survey of cracking/moisture patterns, an investigation program was addressed, comprising sonic and ultrasonic testing, thermography and radar scanning. The analysis of experimental results, correlated with the historical and technical documentation, enabled a more detailed and reliable qualification of the evolution of the church, with specific attention towards structural components under the flooring, morphology and compactness of cavity walls, previous reinforcement techniques, as well as damage patterns on walls and columns and moisture patterns on a fresco. Furthermore, the importance of the results for the definition of future conservation and control strategies is discussed. Keywords: architectural heritage, historic and construction qualification, NDT.


Keywords: architectural heritage, historic and construction qualification, NDT.