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Research On A New Type Of Train Control System Used At 350km/h


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J. F. Wang, H. H. Wang & Z. Lin


This paper describes a new type of train control system that meets the speed demand of 350km/h on the basis of CTCS-2. This system realizes safety train control for 350km/h, meanwhile, it solves the key problems of train control information content and train safety tracing interval by increasing the information of track circuit and changing the setting of block section and so on. Besides ETCS-1 and CTCS-3, it also implements safety train control for 350km/h. This system overcomes the shortcoming of the poor real-time performance of spot transmission of ETCS-1 and solves some problems of ETCS-2, such as its complicated realization and compatibility with CTCS-2 due to the incompatibility between information transmission of track circuit and GSM-R. This system has simple structure and good compatibility. The implementation is low cost and easy. With the necessity to create a new kind of train control system, this system has been proven by analyzing the possible problems existing in the combination between CTCS-3 and CTCS-2. The components and working principle of this system is elaborated in this paper. The key techniques for 300~350km/h trains are described, such as information-content, block section settings, compatibility, reliability and safety. The performance and characteristics of this system are compared with CTCS-2, ETCS-1, and CTCS-3. Keywords: high-speed railway, train control system, system constitution, working principle, compatibility.


high-speed railway, train control system, system constitution, working principle, compatibility