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Conservation And Protection Of The Bosnian Kingdom: Medieval Military Fortifications And Interventions On It


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L. Kudumović, A. Čaušević, N. Rustempašić & N. Kuljuh


Bosnia is a historical name of the present Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Balkan country which has existed in various constitutional forms for around 1000 years. Development of Bosnian cities is a reflection of different influences through history. This paper is focused on remains of medieval time and fortification objects. Fortresses are symbols of various things for various peoples, but also are part of collective identity, much more than just military fortified structures. There is something inherently, compelling, and mystified by intrigue and drama, curiosity, loneliness, past and its impact on our present inside the ruins and remnants of old fortifications. They create a sense of hope despite their decay. After heritage has been evaluated to have outstanding significance its usage in future must be defined. According to the result of numerous studies conducted in this field of scientific work, evident is the necessity for a systematic approach that can be characterized as the inevitability of the existence of management plans. Causes of collapses of medieval forts are various and they range from insufficient tensing capacity, \“economical aspect” of original structure, level of technical culture of that time, \“extended” duration of the facility, mistakes made while creating the original design, to the inevitable wear-and-tear process (results from physical-chemical changes of properties of materials). As well, it is necessary to consider following possible changes that occurred during time in: surrounding, purpose of a facility, ground (excavation, change of water level), and certainly, in structure itself (addition, partial demolition etc.). Intervention on the monument involves finding a reasonable and acceptable restoration solution that is going to lead to recovery and respect the value of the historical monument at the same time. Keywords: masonry, mechanical properties of materials, fortresses, fortification, stability, intervention.


masonry, mechanical properties of materials, fortresses, fortification, stability, intervention.