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Seismic Performance Analysis Of Lifeline Systems


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M. Faraji & J. Kiyono


Seismic risk assessment of lifelines is considerably more complicated than that of a single structure on account of the geographical spread of lifelines. Lifeline risk assessment requires knowledge about ground-motion intensities at multiple sites. This study considers the seismic performance analysis of lifeline network systems. Seismic damage estimates of the potable water and electric power networks of the Bam city will be calculated for the expected earthquake scenario and the results will be utilized to assess the performances of the topological models of the networks. The study will first include collection of lifeline utility network data in GIS format. Seismic damage analysis will be made by defining fragilities of the network components and the ground motions generated by the scenario earthquake. The damage estimates will be utilized in the post-seismic state of the networks for disaster management countermeasures and activities. Keywords: lifelines, seismic performance, risk assessment, fragility curve, probabilistic. 1 Introduction Lifelines are the systems that relate to daily life needs, like water-supply, power, telecom, traffic, gas-supply, sewage and heat-supply, and so on. Strong dependence on lifeline system is one of the distinctive characteristics of modern urban area. The issue of vulnerability of critical infrastructures has recently attracted considerable attention from both the academic and policy-making spheres. A systematic method for addressing risk assessment and risk management is the, so-called, Probabilistic Risk Analysis (PRA), which concerns the performance of a complex system in order to understand likely outcomes and its areas of importance. PRA has historically been developed for situations in which measured data about the overall reliability of a system are


lifelines, seismic performance, risk assessment, fragility curve, probabilistic