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The Effects Of Cultural Dimension On People’s Perception About Security On Public Transport


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A. Syam, D. Reeves & A. Khan


With increasingly diverse urban populations; it is becoming important for those seeking to increase usage of public transport to understand and take account of differences between cultural groups to increase travel opportunities in an inclusive way. Research shows that perceptions of and feelings about security as well as actual experience affect people’s patronage of public transport. Studies also show that perceptions differ between ethnic groups. This paper investigates the reasons for the differences using Hofstede’s cultural dimensions (HCD). Hofstede’s dimensions have been used widely in marketing and management studies to explain differences in consumer and employee behaviour in terms of cultural background. However, as far as the authors are aware, it has never been used to explain travel behaviour differences. This paper examines whether and how Hofstede’s dimension can be used to explain the differences in travel behaviour, especially for security perception on public transport. Using secondary analysis of data from two studies in the UK the paper uses HCD to offer an explanation based on the cultural background of the differences between Asian and British people’s perceptions about security on public transport. Using HCD, an explanation for Asian people’s preference for CCTV as an additional security is that since they come from countries with a high power distance, this affects their trust of authority. Based on this, people would think that CCTV provides independent evidence if something happens. Other dimensions can also be used to explain this phenomenon. Despite the limited data available, the findings show that HCD can be used to explain travel behaviour differences based on ethnicity/cultural background. Keywords: cultural dimension, Hofstede, travel behaviour, security perception, public transport.


cultural dimension, Hofstede, travel behaviour, security perception, public transport