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Development Of A Point Machine Surveillance Device For Safety And Maintenance Improvement In Urban Transit Signalling Systems


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H. Jo, J. Hwang, S. Shin, J. Baek, Y. Kim & I. Lim


In the case of Korea, it is known that the present condition of occurrence in railway accidents is more frequent than that of advanced countries on the basis of the fact that the number of casualties from railway accidents reaches 3–4 times higher compared to that of advanced countries, etc. Among them, since the risk of large-scale accidents is high due to the frequent occurrence of derailment accidents according to the obstacle in switchover at track turnouts, it is important to prevent accidents from occurring caused by the obstacle in point machine by supervising it on a real-time basis. Thus, this paper developed a point machine surveillance system which can prevent large-scale accidents such as the derailment and collision at the time of defect in point machine from occurring and can enhance efficiency of maintenance, and it described concrete contents of design and manufacturing in the main text. Keywords: point machine, switchover, urban transit, signalling system. 1 Introduction The cause of obstacle in switchover at track turnouts which occupies most of the large-scale accidents such as railway derailment and collision accident is considered to be the defect in point machine, and like this, it is considered that


point machine, switchover, urban transit, signalling system