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Improving Insight In Modal Choice Determinants: An Approach Towards More Sustainable Transport


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J. Hollevoet, A. De Witte & C. Macharis


Understanding which determinants influence modal choice is important towards developing more sustainable transport systems. An improved knowledge about these factors is vital to tackle our current mobility problems in a more efficient and sustainable way. In order to assist to the understanding and modelling of modal choice decisions a review on modal choice and its determinants is carried out. The data collection strategy for this review is mainly based on a computerized search guided by the search term ‘modal choice’ and mostly covers the last two decades. First of all, it was found that researchers too often rely on a unimodal approach when they study modal choice. This leads to an underestimation of access and exit modes by neglecting other travel modes, which are mainly the softer modes (walking and cycling). Taking into account the sequence of modes within a single trip is therefore needed to analyze daily mobility in a more sustainable and realistic way. Secondly, the review clearly showed that modal choice is determined by a whole range of factors, which are interrelated to a larger or smaller extent. It is thus often the result of a very compound choice process that can take place consciously or unconsciously and that includes objective as well as subjective determinants. In this paper, we identify and structure the determinants of importance influencing the modal choice decision. Moreover, improving insight in these influencing factors can assist to develop policy measures that are better adjusted to the current mobility trends in order to create a modal shift towards more sustainable transport modes and thus reduce the environmental impact. Keywords: modal choice, sustainable transport, determinants, travel behaviour.


modal choice, sustainable transport, determinants, travel behaviour