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The Evacuation Plan Design Under Uncertain Times Of Transportation


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J. Janáček


When the population of a given set of municipalities are endangered by some threat, casualties can be avoided by evacuation of the endangered population to safer refuges. When an evacuation plan is designed, vehicles are assigned to the evacuated municipalities so that the entire population is evacuated in a minimal time. Nevertheless, the transportation times in the associated road network depend on many unpredictable circumstances and this makes them uncertain. This paper deals with an approach, which processes the uncertainty making use of the theory of fuzzy sets. Furthermore, the presented approach uses a special feature of professional IP-solver to find the optimal solution of the evacuation plan design problem in acceptable computation time. Keywords: evacuation plan, vehicle assignment, min-max problem, uncertain transportation time, fuzzy technique. 1 Introduction The evacuation problem formulation and attempt for solving it are motivated by a situation in which some populated area is endangered by an incoming disaster. The endangered population is concentrated at several dwelling places of the area and there are some refuges located outside the area to where the population should be evacuated. It can be assumed that a preceding consideration has been done and that the dwelling places are assigned to the individual refuges so that the whole population of one dwelling place should be evacuated to exactly one of the refuges. For the evacuation, there are at its disposal some homogeneous fleets of vehicles. Each fleet is characterized by its location, number of vehicles and


evacuation plan, vehicle assignment, min-max problem, uncertain transportation time, fuzzy technique