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Pedestrians’ Needs In The Urban Environment: The Case Of The City Of Trikala, Greece


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S. Basbas, C. Konstantinidou & N. Gogou


Walking has become one of the most important transport modes in urban areas. The role of walking has steadily increased worldwide and therefore city planners put as their first priority the facilitation of pedestrian trips in urban areas. In doing so, several aspects pertaining to pedestrians trips need to be addressed, such as safety, environment, accessibility, security, etc. This paper attempts to address the needs of pedestrians in the city of Trikala, Greece. In the framework of this research a questionnaire-based survey was carried out in the centre of the city of Trikala. Special emphasis is given to different age groups because the elderly usually face more difficulties during their trips made on foot compared to other age groups. In addition, the survey provides information about the reasons for choosing walking as a means of transport, the difficulties people face during their trips, the level of safety as perceived by the pedestrians, etc. Moreover, people’s suggestions about possible methods of making the walking environment friendlier are also recorded. It is believed that the results of the specific research will help city planners in their effort to improve the walking environment and promote walking as a sustainable method of transport. Keywords: walking, pedestrians, transport. 1 Introduction One of the most important needs of pedestrians is the need for comfortable and safe mobility. This need is even more essential for vulnerable road users. \“Vulnerable road users” is a term commonly used to describe those groups who are likely to suffer when in conflict with cars, buses and other large vehicles. It


walking, pedestrians, transport