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Infrared Thermograph Image Analysis For The Identification Of Masonry Coatings In Historic Buildings, In Relation To Several Samples Prepared As Patterns


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L. Palaia, J. Monfort, P. Navarro, R. Sánchez, L. Gil, A. Álvarez, V. López & S. Tormo


The application of non-destructive methods for architectural heritage knowledge is of extreme importance, in order to avoid producing irreparable damage. The methods to gain this knowledge should be complementary to other types of studies and tests, to make the approach to the building easier. The detection of previous openings of doors and windows, walls that have been demolished and later disguised under the mortar coatings, allows interpretation to act in those points if necessary, without affecting the conservation of the original coatings that the building presents. It is possible to arrive at this aim by using infrared thermography (IRT), as this research group has applied it successfully in some historic buildings. Some samples have been prepared in the laboratory, consisting of bricks coated with different types of mortars hiding iron plates. Later, IRT images of these samples were captured. These images were compared with those IRT images captured of the facades of an existing building. Conclusions were reached from this experience that could be extended to other situations. Keywords: infrared thermography, façade coatings analysis, non-destructive diagnosis, historic buildings.


infrared thermography, façade coatings analysis, non-destructive diagnosis, historic buildings