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Experimental Survey Of The Pressure Cone And Temperature Field Of An A/T Missile System


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K. Krallis, Ν. G. Orfanoudakis, M. Founti, D. T. Hountalas, A. Fatsis & N. Vlachakis


This paper describes the characteristics of the temperature and pressure fields measured downstream of the launcher of the Russian \“FAGOT” anti-tank missile system. The experimental data were used to establish the proper location of the launcher on a vehicle used by the Greek Army. The pressure field developing at the rear of the missile launcher has the characteristics of a conical shock wave. The field was measured with an array of piezoelectric pressure transducers and a fast computer-based data acquisition system. The extent of the temperature field was established with high speed video and infra-red still photography and was confirmed with miniature thermocouple sensors. The results showed that the pressure cone intersects the ground level at a distance of 1.5 to 2.5 m behind the launcher. Typical overpressure of the shock wave was of the order of 1 to 1.8 bar. The conical shock wave breaks down into several smaller shock waves at a distance of 3 m and extends up to 15 m behind the launcher. The diameter of the cone at this location is 2.5–3.0 m. Keywords: missile launcher, measurements, pressure field, temperature field.


missile launcher, measurements, pressure field, temperature field.