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Emergency Management And An Emergency Plan For The Gran Sasso National Laboratories: Underground Laboratories And Motorway Tunnels


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A. Giampaoli, R. Perruzza, M. Tobia & R. Tartaglia


The Gran Sasso National Laboratories (LNGS) of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) are located in Assergi, at about 120 km Eastward from Rome. The underground facility are located in the Gran Sasso Massive, under a rock layer of 1400 m thickness, under the Monte Aquila Peak in the area of the National Park of Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga. The underground laboratories are part of the Gran Sasso complex system, which comprehends also two highway tunnels managed by the \“Strada dei Parchi S.p.A.” company and a huge water reservoir in the Gran Sasso massive, which supplies drinkable water both to L’Aquila and Teramo counties. Moreover, since 2002, the LNGS are subjected to the European Directive 96/82/EC, because of the storage and use of substances classified as dangerous for the environment according to the European Directive 2003/105/EC. Local Authorities have studied, discussed, agreed and realized a General Emergency Plan (PEE), which takes into account the possible accident scenarios and describes the preventive and protective actions required to avoid and/or limit the harmful effects resulting from major accidents. The object of the present work is the analysis of an emergency drill figuring the implementation of the PEE of LNGS. These tests are important for screening and evaluating the complex dynamics in terms of organization, infrastructure and psychology that determine the validity of an emergency plan and the guidelines to be followed in emergency management. The drill, entitled \“Gran Sasso 2008”,


safety, emergency drill, emergency plan, confined space, motorway tunnel, underground laboratory