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Analysis Of Information And Communications Technology (ICT) For The Internet-based Business


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B. G. Lee & Y. H. Lee


This study analyzes the trends of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) with value chains of the Internet-based business. We build a technical roadmap of ICT for investigating its content, network and platform. In this paper we focus on the gradual transition of technology and summarize the trends of ICT as three categories. Even though the existing value chains of the ICT business and industry still endure, the innovative value chains are emerging vertically as well as horizontally not only within the ICT industry but also between other industries. The advances of ICT can create enormous business opportunities. However, in Internet-based business and industry, there are still obstacles and barriers to overcome. Thereby, Internet-based business enterprises will require adoption of the ICT convergence business strategy and/or the divergence strategy. The results of the study can serve as useful guidelines for similar industries as well as other countries. Keywords: Internet-based business, ICT (Information and Communications Technology), technical roadmap, digital convergence, value chain. 1 Introduction The advances of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) and convergence technologies have generated diverse digital products as well as increasing demands for the Internet-based business. The digital convergence of ICT can be regarded as the unification of functions: the coming together of previously distinct products that employ digital technology [1]. For example, the PDA, which is composed of the telephone function and the computer, is a typical digital convergence product. Both utilize digital technologies, but they


Internet-based business, ICT (Information and CommunicationsTechnology), technical roadmap, digital convergence, value chain.