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A Practical IP Telephony Application Framework To Conduct Online Surveys Among University City Students In China


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J. Zhu & E. Gide


The purpose of this paper is to develop a practical online survey method by using IP telephony applications in order to understand the e-commerce consumer behaviour of \“University City” students in China. The researcher found that the beauty of using IP telephony is that the researcher may either see the students’ gestures and facial expressions, or just listen by telling students both a conscious and unconscious effort to transfer much of the expression. It is beneficial for small businesses because of eliminating travel time and expense, reaching difficult-to-recruit participants, it is cost-effective, and increases production. In particular, personal questions can be addressed without geographical barriers. Briefly, in this paper the following objectives have been achieved: firstly, the possibility to use IP telephony application to do the student survey online. Then, the benefits for small businesses to know China \“University City” students online. Further, the practical way of designing and conducting virtual focus groups by the selecting and integrating samples to get the data more representative and precise have been researched. Finally, it has been identified that the most popular ICT tools in China are the Blogs and Chinese Messenger QQ. Keywords: IP telephony, Nanjing \“University City”, small business, online survey samples, Chinese ICP tool. 1 Introduction This paper links IP telephony with online survey, in order to find a better way for small business to reach China \“University City” students, in terms of their


IP telephony, Nanjing \“University City”, small business, online survey samples, Chinese ICP tool.