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Tribological Behaviour Of AFNOR Grade Z6 NCT DV 25-15 Precipitation Hardening Austenitic Stainless Steel With NiCr-B Coating In High Temperature Liquid Sodium


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H. Kumar, V. Ramakrishnan, S. K. Albert, C. Meikandamurthy, S. Chandramouli, V. Rajan Babu, R. Vijayashree & A. K. Bhaduri


The sliding wear and friction behaviour between AFNOR Grade Z6 NCT DV 25-15 precipitation hardening austenitic stainless steel and NiCr-B hardface coating was investigated in high purity liquid sodium at 823 K employing an indigenously developed reciprocating-type tribometer. The specimens for testing were in the form of pins and disc, with two pins in contact with both the surfaces of a disc specimen. The pin and disc specimens were made from precipitation hardened Z6 NCT DV 25-15 alloy and NiCr-B alloy deposited on 316L stainless steel substrate using Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) welding process respectively. Testing was carried out at sliding speeds of 2 mm/s for a total sliding distance of 200 m under contact stress of 10 and 20 MPa respectively. The static friction coefficient (s) and dynamic friction coefficient (d) were estimated from the maximum value of friction force at the start of the movement and from the friction force measured during movement respectively. In both the tests d was found to be significantly lower than s. Weight loss measured for both the pins and disc at the end of the tests were negligible and this indicates that wear is very low in both the tests carried out at contact stress of 10 and


liquid sodium, reciprocating-type tribometer, friction coefficient, wear, pin-on-disc, optical profilometer