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The Effects Of Natural Weathering Exposure On The Properties Of Pultruded Natural Fibre Reinforced Unsaturated Polyester Composites


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M. H. Affzan, H. M. Akil, Z. A. M. Ishak & A. A. Bakar


Due to the demand for green technology, the development of fibre reinforced composites has built-up an interest in finding out new and reliable composites. The natural fibre reinforced composites produced by the pultrusion technique may eventually replace the conventional fibre composite production technique used today. In considering outdoor application, experiments have been performed to study the effects of weathering exposure on pultruded natural fibre reinforced composites. Kenaf fibre reinforced composites (KFRC) were produced using the pultrusion technique at 70% fibre loading. The composites were then subjected to natural aging, which involved exposing specimens to an outdoor natural environment for a period of time. After a few weeks, the specimen showed some degradation and discolouring. Subsequently, compression and flexural tests were carried out with the aim of determining the mechanical properties after exposure. The decrease in the value of these properties was verified and discussed. The repeated process of sun-heating and the invasion of moisture from natural atmosphere such as rain and dew everyday had led to debonding and weakening in the fibre-matrix interfaces of the composite. Keywords: fibres, polymer-matrix composites (PMCs), weathering exposure, pultrusion.


fibres, polymer-matrix composites (PMCs), weathering exposure, pultrusion