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Fretting Wear Under Magnetic Field


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Y. Nasu & K. Sato


In our current society, based on science and technology, many kinds of electrical and mechanical systems are working under magnetic fields which become of a higher level year-over-year. The materials used in the above mentioned systems have suffered exposure to undefined risks due to magnetic effects. The authors have studied the complicated effect of magnetic fields on fretting wear, e.g. in some cases the effect is to accelerate wear volume and in other cases it does not. In the present paper the authors describe the outline of the effect of magnetic fields on fretting wear and the state of the art. Keywords: magnetic field, fretting wear, friction and wear, material. 1 Introduction Electrical and mechanical systems, such as electric generators, magnetic readers, linier motors, medical devices, and so on are working under the artificial magnetic field environment. According to recent progress in science and technology, devices and systems are increasingly exposed to and operate under higher magnetic fields year on year. The materials composed of the devices and systems, therefore, are exposed to an undefined risk situation, because the effects of magnetic fields have not been obviously examined. The problem is that the effects are different from conditions due to material, intensity of magnetic field, and working conditions of stress and vibration, and so on. The wear of machine elements, or the contact surfaces, between them, is a reason for defining the lifetime of the electric apparatuses, such as conveyance equipment, rotating machinery, and precision electronics [1]. The wear of machine elements may be related to the intensity of the magnetic field and their lifetime is able to be controlled by changing the magnetic field. A number of practical examinations are, however, necessary for doing a good quality jobs in


magnetic field, fretting wear, friction and wear, material