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Deforming Mesh With Unsteady Turbulence Model For Fluid-structure Interaction


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J.-T. Yeh


By taking the mesh of the fluid domain as a virtual solid and using the explicit integration scheme to solve the solid dynamics, a deforming mesh method is proposed for the simulation of fluid-structure interaction. The deforming mesh method with an unsteady turbulence model has been implemented into a finite element code derived from slightly compressible flow formulation and an explicit integration scheme. Due to the explicit integration scheme used for the dynamics of both deforming mesh and fluid flow, it is easy to perform parallel computation for a large-scale fluid-structure interaction problem. After the validation of this approach on the flow induced vibration of the flow past a circular cylinder, the unsteady fluid-structure interaction of a heat exchangertube row in crossflow is demonstrated. Keywords: deforming mesh, unsteady turbulence model, fluid-structure interaction. 1 Introduction The fluid-structure interaction, the unsteady fluid flow making a structure move or deform and the motion of the structure changing the fluid flow, is an important topic in many engineering fields, for example, the flutter of aircraft’s wings and the flow induced vibration of tube bundle in heat exchangers. To have a good numerical simulation of the fluid structure interaction, a sufficiently accurate model to solve the unsteady flow field, especially for turbulent flow, and an efficiency method to update the grid/mesh of fluid domain due to the motion of boundaries are of great concern.


deforming mesh, unsteady turbulence model, fluid-structure interaction.