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An Industrial Method For Performance Map Evaluation For A Wide Range Of Centrifugal Pumps


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A. Fatsis, M. Gr. Vrachopoulos, S. Mavrommatis, A. Panoutsopoulou, N. Vlachakis & V. Vlachakis


Centrifugal pumps are designed and manufactured in order to be fitted to installations and work over a wide range of operating conditions. In such cases the prediction of performance constitutes an important challenge for the pump designer. The challenge becomes particularly difficult when it is necessary to predict the performance of different types of centrifugal pumps varying from low to high volume flow rates. Even if one possesses the rig to measure the performance of a pump, it is useful and time saving to predict numerically the overall pump characteristics. The present method is a simple and easy to apply numerical tool for pump performance curve estimation. It requires a minimum of pump geometrical data and it can be advantageous to pump designers providing them with an initial performance curve estimation during the design process, before they advance to the detailed design of the pump and its experimental verification on the test rig. From the cases examined, it is concluded that the proposed method provides a satisfactory approximation of industrial centrifugal pumps’ performance curves, constituting a potential tool for pump manufacturers. Keywords: performance curve, characteristic line, centrifugal pump, numerical prediction.


performance curve, characteristic line, centrifugal pump, numerical prediction.