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Determination Of The Stability Of The Cornea For Describing The Structural Behaviour With A FEM-model


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S Halstenberg, H Eggert, H Guth, K-P Scherer & P Lichtenberg


Determination of the stability of the cornea for describing the structural behaviour with a FEM-model S. Halstenberg1, H. Eggert1, H. Guth1, K-P. Scherer1, P. Lichtenberg2 1Institut fur Angewandte Informatik, Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Germany 2Stadtisches Klinikum, Karlsruhe, Germany Abstract With refractive surgical interventions ametropia like myopia or hyperopia can be corrected. For getting a good vision of the eye optimal co-operation of the components is needed. The eye components are complex biological tissues and for describing the behaviour of the eye after surgical interventions it is necessary to have knowledge about the mechanical and optical behaviour of the specific components. Refractive surgical interventions are operational techniques concerning the tissue of the cornea. Incisions or ablation of corneal tissue are done to get a defined modification of the corneal shape and therefore an improvement of the vision. Simulations of the structural behaviour of the cornea in combination with optical simulations of the eye will be used to describe postoperative results. The final aim should be an information and recommendation for the surgeons about the optimal surgery parameters. The cornea is a heterogeneous tissue with complex material behaviour (anisotropic behaviour) and furthermore different from patient to patient. A FEM model will be used to describe the response of the cornea to refractive surgery. Basic research will be done concerning the structural mechanics and experimental techniques to get fundamental results in the field of biomechanical tissue behaviour of cornea to include the behaviour description into the FEM- model.