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Optimum Designing By Computer Analysis On Construction Machine Parts


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S-I Nishida, K Hayashi, N Hattori & H Igawa


The circular-digging mini-bucket enabled circle digging in the ground by rotating a bucket. However, the increase in weight of a rotation joint part is considered to be a big problem. In this research, it was performed the optimum design about a circular-digging mini-bucket. The main results obtained in this analysis are as follows; (1) In the case of main-bucket, it is desirable to reinforce the both side supported plates with an additional reinforcement plate, respectively. (2) In the case of sub-bucket, although each plate thickness could be decreased by 20%, the rigidity of the bucket does not deteriorated. However, as the load of sole plate becomes large, high strength steel, i.e. HT700, should be applied to this sole plate. (3) When a rim plate is applied for the side plate, the sub-bucket remarkably improves its rigidity. (4) According to the above designing, the designer could decrease the total weight of the front part of the construction machine by about 30% without decreasing the performance ability. 1 Introduction The demand for cost reduction and high performance on all kinds of machine parts becomes increase and increase every year, especially due to long term economical recession in Japanese industries. For instance, as far as construction machine parts, the company had developed the circular digging mini-bucket for achieving to put materials in arbitrary position and to dig a circular hole in the ground. This type of construction machine becomes heavier in the front part due to this additional equipment and sometimes unbalanced with rising back